NOTICE: Relaxation of COVID rules for Aerie 871

There has been a flurry of good news in the last 24 hours about relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions. Accordingly, the Board of Trustees has agreed on the following new rules for the Aerie. Please remember, though, that we are obligated to follow state and local regulations, and new policies can be issued with little or no warning.

Effective immediately, fully vaccinated individuals are not required to wear masks in the club. Out of respect for others, please continue to wear one until you are vaccinated or if you choose not to do so. No proof of vaccination will be required.  Of course, you may continue to wear a mask if you choose.

Members are still asked to stay away from the club if they have symptoms of the virus or if they have been exposed to someone with it.

Beginning Saturday, May 15, we are no longer required to close at midnight. As before, the Rathskeller can stay open past 12:00 at the discretion of the bartender. The upstairs hall can now be rented past midnight.

Beginning May 28th, the Aerie and social hall can be open at full capacity with no requirement to maintain social distance.

Friday night dinners and Bloody Mary Breakfast will resume as soon as possible. However, we need a sustained number of volunteers to sign up to assist with set-up, serving, and clean-up. We also need volunteers to help us bring down the chairs and reset the Rathskeller. We cannot continue to rely on the five Trustees and the same few volunteers to do all the work. Please let any officer or Trustee know if you are willing to help.

The Board appreciates everyone’s cooperation over the last 16 months with the restrictions necessary to keep each other safe. We’re equally pleased to be able to resume normal operations, but we ask everyone to remember the Eagles motto of “People Helping People!” COVID-19 isn’t completely gone. Exercise common sense and due caution, and we will be able to enjoy our previous activities.

Board of Trustees