UPDATED Operating Schedule for Phase III

Governor Northam’s Reopening Virginia was revised on Monday, July 15, 2020 to include, “Virginia Adopts First-in-the-Nation Workplace Safety Standards for COVID-19 Pandemic” Current guidelines allow ALVA Aerie 871 to remain open with restrictions. We will continue to open on the following days.

  • Wednesday through Sunday – Open 4:00 PM / *Close 12:00 AM

* Last-call is no later than 11:30 PM, and the premises shall be vacated of all members no later than 12:00 AM. Hours may change periodically pending future State of Virginia and City of Alexandria health and safety conditions, or as the Aerie BOT necessitates.

Hall rentals will resume and be allowed for groups up to 100. An additional sanitation fee of $100.00 will be applied to all future hall use/rentals.

Please continue to observe our temporary House Rules – based on federal and state guidelines and health department regulations and Aerie best practices – in order to keep the bartenders, yourself, and your friends safe.

  • Please don’t come to the club if you don’t feel well.
  • ABC REQUIREMENT – You shall present your new membership card since our new fraternal year began in June. You will be REFUSED entrance without your membership card.
  • We will be operating at reduced hours. (See Phase III Hours of Operation or check the website.) There will be no Friday dinners or Bloody Mary breakfasts until further notice.
  • We are only allowed to have 50 people in the Rathskeller at any one time. This isn’t likely to be a problem without our large events, but the bartender has the authority to deny entrance should we reach capacity.
  • Please wear a mask when moving around the Aerie and not seated at your table, especially when entering and leaving the club since the parking lot entryway is a choke point.
  • Please follow the signs designed to keep everyone six feet apart. Until further notice, we cannot allow seating at the bar. We have placed tables and chairs at an appropriate social distance, so please don’t move them to create bigger groupings.
  • Because of the danger of transmission of the virus, there will be no smoking or vaping allowed EXCEPT in parking lot. Current rules already forbid alcohol in parking lot.
  • We are suspending the Daily and Weekly books until further notice.
  • We have two electronic pull-tab machines in operation, and paper pull-tabs are available. Because of the difficulty of keeping shared equipment clean, the pool tables, dart boards, and golf machine are closed. The jukebox can only be operated remotely.
  • To help limit the spread of the virus, the club is offering a limited menu and using plastic glasses and paper plates.
  • We are only selling wine by the bottle during Phase III.
  • Hand sanitizer, paper towels and other cleaners are provided throughout the Rathskeller. Please sanitize your table when you leave. Wipe off the ATM and electronic pull-tab machines when you are finished. (NOTE: To protect this equipment, you should spray the cleaner onto the paper towel and then wipe down surfaces.  Spraying cleaners directly on to the machines can cause harm.)
  • Last-call is no later than 11:30 PM, and the premises shall be vacated of all members no later than 12:00 AM.

Questions?  Contact the bartender or any Trustee.


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Establishments must either implement the following mandatory requirements or remain closed.
Safer at Home: Phase Three Guidelines for all Business Sectors